Appliance+fridge+chimney microwave

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  • deep cleaning of chimney ,fridge & microwave
  • mesh & filter deep cleaning of chimney
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Utensils Removal

Removal of utensils from the kitchen

Cleaning all areas and surfaces

Removing dirt, deposits and stains from windows, floors, slabs, countertops

Superior stain removal

Stain removal from wall tiles, sinks, fittings, stoves, exhaust/ceiling fans Clean the

furniture and trolley cleaning

Dust removal from modular drawers, cabinet interiors, cupboards, shelves

Chimney and appliance cleaning

Removal of dirt, deposits, stains from external and internal parts of chimneys and

other appliances

Finishing touch

Drying the kitchen and retrieving the utensils



  • Removal of utensils and placing back
  • Please provide a stool/ladder, if required
  • Wet wiping of walls
  • Chimney and appliance cleaning depends on your selection


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Appliance+fridge+chimney microwave
Original price was: ₹3,299.00.Current price is: ₹2,899.00.
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